Pebble Beach

Pebble is always a love-hate relationship with me:  Although the cars and my friends are the main attraction, the crowds, traffic, and prices are a real turnoff.  However, having said that, this year’s AutoWeek exceeded all expectations.  The cars were world class, The Ford GT was featured with all seventeen of the cars, including the three that finished 1-2-3 at LeMans over 50 years ago, Mercedes shocked with their Maybach 6 Vision concept car, Pebble Beach added much needed traffic control and introduced livestreaming TV hosted by Bob Varsha and Alain de Cadenet, and despite the ominous adjacent Soberanes fire, the weather proved to be perfect.  All in all, a wonderful time.  And a must for next year.

The Pebble Beach introduction of the Platinum First Edition was met with enthusiasm and success.  The buyer of the last introductory copy was Steve Larry of Los Angeles (shown with his immaculate Ferrari Italia).  The book remains available through our online store at regular price.  Order now while they remain available.